Why should we sell our recyclable waste to Greenbhoomi?


All you have to do is contact us and we will pick up the recyclable waste at your doorstep.

Accurate weighing

We use an accurate electronic weighing machine right in front of you. No manipulation.

Instant payment

We pay you immediately for the waste based on the total amount calculated using our price list>>

Environmental Impact

Being a socially conscious company, we make sure all the waste collected is recycled responsibly.

What types of waste do you buy?

Please check the list of materials we buy here>>

How much do you pay for the waste you buy?

Please check price list here>>

What do you do with the waste after it is picked up from my place?

The waste is taken to our warehouse and segregated. Then it is sold directly to the recycler or to the 1st level wholesale recycling agent.

We have huge amounts of garbage piled up in our neighborhood. Do you collect garbage?

We only collect recyclable waste that is source segregated at households and business establishments. If you have garbage problem in your area, please contact the Coimbatore Corporation or your local body councillor.

Will you share my contact details with other companies?


When will your service be available in our area?

We are gradually expanding our reach across Coimbatore. If your area isn’t covered by us now, please leave your contact number and area details in the feedback page. We will contact you as soon as we start servicing your area.

What time and days of the week can I call Greenbhoomi and schedule a pickup?

While our call centre works Monday-Saturday 10AM to 6PM, our door-to-door pickup service is available Tuesday-Sunday 10AM to 6PM.